Course lenght: 16h

In this workshop we'll learn how to use the thumbnails to think film and tell better stories. By getting rid of the detailed drawing we can focus on what really matters and create a solid structure to build the final boards on.


This is key for the quality of the story just as much as for your work organization as a professional. Thumbnails allow you to quickly put down and experiment ideas while also help you organize daily goals to reach a deadline and antecipate feedbacks that would otherwise be given by the end of the process.

I cannot stress enough how important thumbnails are for a story artist and that's why I made these classes focusing entirelly on it. The course is ment for experienced artists just as much as begginners.

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What we'll see in the workshop:

- Introduction: what's a storyboard and how thumbnailing help it

- How I work

- Talking with the Camera and convey emotion with it

- Scene geography

- Non verbal communication

- Finding the best way to tell it

- Story from the scratch

For each part we'll do practical exercises designed to make the students use thumbnails to think the story and tackle challenges that'll strenghthen it's ability to solve future problems on his own.

It's not about the drawing, it's about thinking. In the end, what goes up to screen are the ideas, camera choices and mise-en-scène rather than the draftsmanship itself.



Who is it for?

Anyone interested in storytelling and filmmaking. Since we're working in the core and principal structure of the storyboarding work it can be suited for professionals just as much as begginners. Previous experience will help but not mandatory.

What materials required?

Any basic drawing tool like pencil and paper.

How much does it cost?

That depends on the institution hosting it as they'll set the value per student.

How many students per workshop?

10-15 usually, but again that's always negotiated with the institution hosting it.

How to know when/where it's happening next?

Check out my social media pages or contact me directly

Hosting the workshop

Contact me directly to have this workshop in your school/festival/event: