Bored with his everyday life. Citzens seek escape in their fantasy world


Collaborative film done by: Bruno Hamzagic, Cleber Rosseto, Felipe Massashi, Sidney Batista, Lucas Fernandes and me

We were in a group of 5 students and had to make an animated videoclip. The music was brought by the sister of Bruno Hamzagic (don't remember the name unfortunatelly). We all participated on the creation and made the script by brainstorming toghether.

The character design was done by Felipe Massashi and I did the puppet.

Cleber Rosseto and I were responsible for the stop motion, while Sidney Batista, Lucas Fernandes and Felipe Massashi one of the 2D sequences each. Bruno Hamzagic took care of the post production and to some degree direct us since he was the only one with professional experience at the time.

Unfortunatelly the film was never finished and therefore was never officially released or added credits.