Irmão do Jorel

Cartoon Network| Children 11' TV series - Comedy - 2D

The series shows the daily life of an eccentric and extravagant family. Jorel is the middle child, with silky hair and a sweet and attractive way to win girls, which makes him the most popular guy in town. However, the show does not revolve around him, but around his younger brother, a shy and nameless boy just called "Jorel's Brother". Being overshadowed by the fame and popularity of his older brother, Jorel's Brother tries to gain his own identity and be someone important in the family. Each situation revolves around a typical confusion set in a Brazilian family atmosphere of late 80's, amid surreal and nonsense adventures, always from the perspective of Jorel's Brother.

Jorel's Brother has an uncontrollable hiccup. To prevent it from spreading and causing a hiccup epidemic, the boy is confined into a bubble and his house put into quarantine.

The sequence above is the second half of the episode

A Revolução das Coisas (the stuff's revolution)

The family's old TV comes back from the graveyard to reclaim it's place in the living room. Her outrage inspire an uprise of all the forgotten house objects agains the family and it's consumist culture.

The sequence above is the first half of the episode

Cine Horrível (Horror movie)

Jorel's Brother has a school work to do toghether with the spoiled rich kid Shostner.

The sequence above is the first half of the episode